Baby Kingdom Forum was hacked by the hackers to earn Monero for profit

It is the first time for the forum in Hong Kong has been hacked by the hackers. One of the popular forums of Hong Kong, Baby Kingdom, was hacked by the hackers and implanted the coding systems into the website in order to work on the Crytojacking activities for earning the emerging virtual currency “Monero”.

According to the testing from Apple Daily HK, the hackers have illegally implanted the Cryptojacking coding system into Baby Kingdom website. Once the people have entered this website, the website will connect to and started to help the hackers working on the Crytpjacking activities to earn the virtual currency “Monero”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Baby Kingdom, Mr Sit Ka Lung recognised that their technology team has discovered those illegal activities on their website. Moreover, those crytojacking codes have removed immediately and have not affected the website operation. Moreover, he said that the user’s personal information has not breached in this cyber attack incident.

In this incident, Baby Kingdom has not reported to the police, but they have already tried to strengthen their cybersecurity procedures including updating the firewalls and alert systems.


Source: The Apple Daily HK (